Fashion Lens : The Iconic Kangana Ranaut

Whims and Quirks being a pop culture website has never captured a very essential part of global pop culture, Fashion. With the advent of Instagram, Fashion trends are no longer restricted to glossy magazines and Page 3. Everyone today is a fashion blogger. Fashion has always been a huge part of the showbiz in the west and red carpet looks always have made headlines there. India, too has become more earnest in the recent past and the celebs here have upped their fashion game by leaps and bounds. So, here is Whims and Quirks with a new segment dedicated to Fashion, The Fashion Lens.

I want to start the segment with someone who in my opinion, has revolutionised the fashion industry in India. Her versatility and meticulous fashion acumen make her the most iconic fashionista India has ever produced. She is the ever so gorgeous, Kangana Ranaut.

I simply love Kangana Ranaut’s sense of style. She looks as gorgeous in a Saree and a Salwar Kameez as in an evening gown. She can be both elegant and edgy with equal ease and sometimes she can be both at the same time (like the Saree she wore at Cannes). She is a true Fashion chameleon. Also, it is not just about the clothes, her hair and makeup along with the accessories, everything is so meticulously done that it only adds up to the magnificence. Kangana’s official Instagram handle is a testament to her uber chic fashion sense.

Here’s Whims and Quirks presenting Kangana Ranaut’s top 8 fashion moments (courtesy her Instagram page) .

Kangana Ranaut : Top 8 Fashion Moments

1) The Polka Dot Dress

2) The Grey Saree

3) The White and Golden Saree

4) The Grey Skirt and Top

5) The Green Sheer Dress with Garter

6) White with a dash of Yellow

7) The Breezy Blue Ralph lauren Dress

8) The Metallic JumpSuit

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(Pic Courtesy – Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram Page – Team Kangana Ranaut.)