Take Five : Top 5 Britney Spears Songs

I am a big time Pop fan and Britney Spears has been my absolute favorite ever since I was in the 1st grade. I have loved her songs, her music videos and also her live performances. I don’t think, I listen to any other artist from the west as much as I listen to the princess of pop. On 16th May, 2020 (last week), Britney’s second studio album, Oops… I did it Again completed two decades of its release. One of the most iconic pop albums, it had one of my most favorite Britney song in the form of the title track.

As a tribute to the pop icon, here is Whims and Quirks with top 5 Britney Spears Songs in its brand new segment ‘Take Five’.

  1. Womanizer (2008)
Womanizer Music Video

Womanizer (2008), the lead single from her sixth studio album ‘Circus’, is my most favorite Britney Spears Single ever and I love everything about this song. The hook of the song is super catchy and so are the verses. The sassy video completely complements the powerful high tempo beats of the single. Britney Spears owns the music video with her presence and those energetic moves. The song was a chart topper when released and peaked at number #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also marked her comeback to the mainstream music scene after her infamous public breakdown.

2. Toxic (2004)

Toxic Music Video

Toxic (2004) was the first Britney song that I memorised and sang karaoke to. I simply love this song and video. Pop at its best! The song was released as the second single from her fourth studio album, In The Zone, and peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also the song won Britney her only Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category. The video is super imaginative and depicts Britney as a superwoman and an air hostess. Another solid dance track.

Trivia : Interestingly, the song samples a portion of the Indian song ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’ from the movie ‘ Ek Duje Ke Liye’. Also, the Womanizer video is a sequel to this video.

3. Oops… I Did It Again (2000)

Oops… I Did It Again Music Video

This was the first Britney song that I saw on TV. I must have been in the 1st Grade. The song was immensely popular in India back then. I love the playful lyrics, the straight hair and the red leather jump suit. Super Iconic! It was probably the last song that portrayed Britney as the innocent teen idol. I find the tune very similar to the debut single, Baby One more Time but the lyrics give this an edge. Oops I did it Again (2000) peaked at number #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

4. Circus (2008)

Circus Music Video

“There’s only two types of people in the world. Ones that entertain and ones that observe.”

One of the most under rated Britney Songs. I love the opening verses. Full of Sass. The video aids the song make the experience larger than life. Only Britney can put up a show as grand as this. The song was the second single from her studio album of the same name. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. I think the song with that hook and video deserved the numero uno position.

5. Baby One More Time (1998)

Baby One More Time Music Video

Rounding off my Top 5 is the iconic, Baby One More Time. As someone from Clevver TV said, it’s a staple in American Pop Culture. People till today after 20 years of its release, dress as Britney from the video for Halloween. Britney’s debut single has sold more than 10 million copies and is one of the best selling singles of all time. I personally like the video more than the song but in totality, it definitely deserves the #5 place on my list. It peaked at number #1 on the Billiboard Hot 100 chart and was also nominated for various categories at the Grammys.

Honorable Mentions : ‘3’, ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’, ‘Gimme More’, ‘ Work Bitch’, ‘Slumber Party’, ‘If You Seek Amy’, ‘Criminal’

Authored By – Abinash Gupta

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