RAAGA HOT 20 : A Weekly Indian Music Chart – Week 1

Being an avid music lover, I have always wondered why India doesn’t have its own music chart? We have been creating and consuming music since 1930s, but have never been meticulous enough to have something like a Billboard Hot 100. Yes there have been a Binaca Geet Mala and the Radio Mirchis in the past but there is no legacy attached to them because they were/are very sporadic, not meticulous enough and also lose their purpose after some time.

Since no one really is starting a legit music chart in India, let me start a weekly chart of my own. I am naming my weekly chart as Raaga Hot 20. As the number of songs that India releases these days is significantly lower than Unites States, I will be restricting the number of songs in the chart to 20. Also it keeps the quality of the songs that make the cut in check.

I will be publishing the chart on my blog every Saturday starting from today, 4th April, 2020. This chart will feature the top 20 songs for the week ending 3rd April, 2020. Incidentally, the new segment also marks the completion of 3 years of my blog and hopefully will motivate me to be a lot more regular from now on.

I will also release a chart on the Top 20 Artists every Sunday starting from 5th April 2020. That’s two charts per week. So, music lovers stay tuned to this space.

So here. it is, Whims and Quirks presents, Raaga Hot 20, the top 20 songs for Week 1 (28th March 2020 – 3rd April 2020).

Let me know if you guys resonate with the list in the comment section. Also do drop in your feedback as that helps me improve my content.

Songs 1-5
Songs 6-10
Songs 11-15
Songs 16-20

Authored By – Abinash Gupta

(Disclaimer – I do not own the rights to the images displayed on the page. The rights remain with their rightful owners. The images are sourced from various public online sources to provide references to the Top 20 Songs.)